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 Your search for Hindu wedding photography ends with Visionary Photography. Wedding photography is one of the integral parts of every Hindu wedding. It’s the photographs that let you capture all the magical moments of your wedding day and go through them to relive your special day. Tell us how you will like your love story to be captured, and we will transform your story into dreamy photographs that will enlighten your heart. 


We Know How to Make You Smile AT Your Hindu Wedding 


A wedding is all about happiness. Even though the bride will have her moments and be overwhelmed with emotions when she finally leaves her family behind and starts a new one, there will still be lots of joyous moments. Being an expert at Indian wedding photography, you can expect the best results from us. We know how to capture those smiling moments to make you stand out in your photographs. But that doesn’t mean we will leave behind those tender moments. Everything you go through in your wedding is a part of that special day, and we are experts in finding intricate moments. 


Let’s Get Everyone Involved in the Hindu Wedding Ceremony 


Although there will be people dressed up their best and taking selfies, a couple and the family know how important it is to take photos of everyone present in their wedding. Guests uplift the whole environment, and they make the wedding better. When we begin our Indian wedding photography work, we don’t leave anyone behind. We consider different perspectives while taking photos. Moreover, we edit the photos and give them the much-needed magical touch. 


Contact Us for Excellent Quality Hindu Wedding Photography 


Ready to make your special day extra special! Hire Visionary Photography and let us capture all the beautiful moments of your day. Being an expert at Indian weddings, we are well-versed in Hindu wedding ceremonies. So, call us today and let us know when and where to come. You can also contact us for sikh wedding photography, Islamic Wedding Photography or Moroccan/Algerian wedding




What to Wear to a Hindu Wedding Reception?


The best dresses for women are sarees, Anarkali suits, lehenga cholis, and other traditional dresses. Ensure to match your dress with the ceremony. For men, traditional suits or shirts and trousers with formal jackets are ideal choices. 


What are the Rituals of a Hindu Wedding?


There are multiple rituals of a Hindu wedding. The baraat, welcoming of the groom or Pokwanu, Ganesh Puja, the arrival of the bride or Kanya Aagman, Varmala, Kanyadan, Havan, Mangal Fera, Saptapdai, Sindur & Mangal Sutra, blessings from married women or Akhand Saubhagyavati, Aashirwad, finally Vidaai. 


How Long Does a Hindu Wedding Ceremony Last?


The wedding ceremony lasts for one-and-a-half to two hours. After that the reception takes place. 


Where Do Hindu Weddings Take Place?     


The bride’s family will choose the venue of the wedding ceremony. The venue can be a hotel, community hall, or town hall. It depends on the bride’s family and also the set budget. 


How to Plan a Hindu Wedding Checklist?


The checklist should include budget, number of guests, location, venue type, catering, décor, florist, photography service, hair and makeup, DJ, clothes, priest, mehndi, invitations, lighting, transport, hotel, groom transportation, menus, marriage license, task delegation, and payments. 


Shri Vallabh Nidhi Mandir, Bride and Groom Shoot
The Hive, Bridal Shoot
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Bride shoot, bridal mornings
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Sacred flame, Hindu wedding, holy fire
Bride and Groom portrait shoot, at Sopwell House, Cotton Ln,
Bride and Groom portrait shoot, at Sopwell House, Cotton Ln,
Bride and Groom Nepalese wedding
Bride and Groom Nepalese wedding
Bride and Groom Nepalese wedding
Bride and Groom Nepalese wedding
Bride and Groom Nepalese weddingBride and Groom Nepalese wedding
Bride and Groom Nepalese wedding
Bride and Groom Hindu wedding

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