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Islamic wedding photography in London- Capturing Every Special Moment to Make Your Wedding Day Special.

Muslim weddings embrace grace and modesty, which is why one should only hire a professional and specialized Islamic wedding photography in London who understands all the nuances of such a special occasion. A wedding day is filled with laughter, joy, tears, and happiness. It's a day when the bride and groom promise each other a life full of cheerfulness. Since a wedding day is essential for both the to-be husband and wife, why take a chance with Islamic photography? 

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Visionary Photography provides a professional Pakistani wedding photographer in London service, and we put our 100% commitment to our work. Knowing that your wedding is crucial, we work without affecting your wedding day. Our lens is always ready to capture magical moments of your day. Tell us when and where to come, and we will be prepared with our high-quality camera and gear. Don't worry; we can travel to make your day extra special no matter where in London your wedding venue is. 


Dorchester Hotel London Wedding and Civil Ceremony
Woolston Manor, Essex Wedding Images
Intimate Shoot of Bride and Groom Room
Muslim Wedding Signature of Registry Book
Muslim wedding Hands of Bride and Groom
Muslim Bride hand and Pen for signature
Wedding Rings of Bride and Groom
Muslim Bride on Henna Night event
Mehndi event of Brides hands
Wedding Favor at table
Mehndi Event of Bride and umbrella

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We know that you hire a wedding photographer for a reason. You want nothing else but perfection in every photo. And that's precisely what we offer to our clients. A wedding is a dream come true for many, but it shall pass too once both you and your partner get busy with your married life. You need a reminder that will let you walk through the boulevard of your special day. And nothing can be better than photographs of your happy day. The day when you and your partner looked like the characters of a fairy-tale. The day when the whole family got together! 

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Let us take care of your wedding photographs. Get in touch with Visionary Photography and let us know the date and venue address. We will be happy to be a part of your wedding day. You can also contact us for hindu wedding photography, sikh wedding photography or moroccan/algerian wedding



What to Wear to a Muslim Wedding?


If you are invited to a Muslim wedding, ensure to dress modestly. Long pants, long skirts, and long dresses are considered to be appropriate. No matter your gender, one should avoid showing their arms. Women could be expected to cover their heads as well. 


Do Muslims Wear Wedding Rings?


It’s not mandatory for bride and groom to wear a wedding ring. A woman may wear a ring on any finger, but for a man, the ring mustn't be worn on index and middle fingers. 


What Happens at a Muslim Wedding?


Muslim weddings are simple, and it consists of readings from the Qur'an. The exchange of vows takes place in front of both partners' witnesses. Nikah-Namah, the Muslim marriage contract, has to be signed by both the groom and bride in front of the guests. 


What to Expect at a Muslim Wedding?


If you have never been to a Muslim wedding, you can expect it to be simple and beautiful. The guests must dress modestly and cover their arms. Mostly, nikah or the Muslim wedding happens in the mosque. If you are invited, be prepared to remove your shoes. Muslim wedding ceremonies are short.  

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